On Receiving Compliments

I recently joined a new dating-esque site.  Well, really, it’s a downloaded app on my phone, but same concept.  Honestly, it’s been pretty great so far.  I received lots of attention and fanfare, and some of them have even been smart and good-looking.   (Unless they’re catfishing me, but I’ll never know.   Just call me Manti Te’o.)  In any event, I’ve been receiving many compliments.  Er – I THINK they’re compliments?  Compliment-ish.

1) “Are you lookin for a cuddle buddy”  An appalling lack of punctuation.  Sad.

2) ” Can we have a kid together” I feel like if I wanted to have a stranger’s baby, I would hit up a sperm bank and find someone with a solid pedigree.

3) And along those same lines:  “Omg can we make baby’s”  What of baby’s would you like to make?  Would you like to prepare Baby’s breakfast?  Or make Baby a blankie?  Why don’t you just get back to me?

4) How about: “I would love to run my tongue on your braces?”  It sounds just…so UNhygienic.  I can’t even.  

Basically, meeting people is hard.  Meeting well-adjusted normal people who are not needy, or creepy, or scared away by the mom factor is even harder.


2 thoughts on “On Receiving Compliments

  1. Hilarious stuff. We live in a diverse world, therefore expect all kinds where ever you go – dating sites included. What happened to your blog? Have you stopped or taken some sort of hiatus?

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