On My [New] Weekly Fitness and Health Check-In

So this week, I made it my number one goal this year to maintain a fit and health lifestyle, with the assistance of my awesome PlayStation 2 game, Dance Dance Revolution.  Yes – PlayStation 2 .  I have determined that I need to monitor myself in a way that requires more effort than just mentally saying “Good job you.”  I need a way to check in on myself.  So I am now going to subject all of you to my weekly fitness/healthy lifestyle check-ins.  

Here’s the thing, I can’t eat gluten.  So, that’s actually a big help – preventing me from eating tons of crappy snacks that I used to always buy.  That’s a start.  And at the beginning of figuring out that I couldn’t eat gluten, I lost a ton of weight.  Easiest way to lose weight ever – just get an auto-immune disease, such as celiac disease.  Just kidding, it’s not that fun not being able to just make a sandwich for lunch.  While I haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease, I am gluten intolerant.  It’s really hard to eat out, but I guess at least I can always order a salad.  Of course, there’s my problem – I don’t always order a salad.  I cheat.  I still crave things like pizza and chicken nuggets.  Gross.   Those foods taste good, sometimes, but come on – all that grease.  Ugh.  Sometimes, I’m ashamed of myself.  But mostly, I just enjoy the dough-ey goodness that is pizza.

But my biggest downfall?  Coffee.

But not just plain, black coffee.  Coffee with cream.  Coffee with sugar.  In short, I basically like to drink liquid candy.  I mean, I don’t drink soda, so there’s that.  But I definitely have replaced soda in my life with candy-flavored coffee.

But what was my original point?  Oh, right.  Losing weight due to gluten intolerance – easy.  I lost 40 pounds in a month and half, approximately.  I had no clue how it was happening, or why, but it was.  And I looked good, all skinny and whatnot.  Now, I have gained about ten of that back, and I say “NO, Savanah, do not let that happen!”  I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe, again.  [Even though shopping is fun!  ;)]  And I refuse to let myself be that unhappy with my physique, or that complacent even.  I need to be pro-active.  So here we go.

So, first – DDR at least five times a week.  I’ve done three days since Thursday, because I skipped Saturday.

Second, cut out cheating on gluten-free.   I say I’m going to do this all of the time.  Let’s see how much wherewithal I have to stick to it.   I’m much more likely to cheat at home, than in front of others.  Bright side, my cousin coming to room with me, so maybe having someone else around will help.

Third, reduce/eliminate candy-flavored coffee intake.  I can  tell you right now, this is going to be the zinger.  I just heart my coffee so much.

Wish me luck!




3 thoughts on “On My [New] Weekly Fitness and Health Check-In

  1. A little treat from time to time won’t kill you. Cutting it out completely can end up doing more harm in the long run because it leaves nothing left for you to look forward to. I still have my fried chicken once a month myself.

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